Download 3D Protein Structure Database

This tool downloads the 3D Protein Structure Database from a public accessible HTTP location hosted by QIAGEN Aarhus.

The database contains a curated set of sequences with known 3D structures, which are obtained from the Protein Data Bank ( [Berman et al., 2003]. The information stored in the database (e.g. protein sequence, X-ray resolution) is used to identify suitable structural templates when using the Link Variants to 3D Protein Structure tool.

To download the database, select:

        Toolbox | Add Information to Variants (Image add_information_closed_16_n_p) | Download 3D Protein Structure Database (Image download_variantsin3d_16_n_p)

If you are connected to a server, you will first be asked about whether you want to download the data locally or on a server. In the next wizard step you are asked to select the download location (see figure 20.26).

Image download_3D_protein_database_step2_gwb
Figure 20.26: Select the download location.

The downloaded database will be installed in the user home directory in a folder named CLCdatabases.

When new databases are released, a new version of the database can be downloaded by invoking the tool again (the existing database will be replaced).