If you make a change to an element in a view, e.g. remove an annotation in a sequence or modify a tree, you can undo the action. In general, Undo applies to all changes you can make when right-clicking in a view. Undo is done by:

        Click undo (Image undo) in the Toolbar

   or  Edit | Undo (Image undo)

   or  Ctrl + Z

If you want to undo several actions, just repeat the steps above. To reverse the undo action:

        Click the redo icon in the Toolbar

   or  Edit | Redo (Image redo)

   or  Ctrl + Y

Note! Actions in the Navigation Area, e.g. renaming and moving elements, cannot be undone. However, you can restore deleted elements (see Restore deleted elements.).

You can set the number of possible undo actions in the Preferences-dialog.