By clicking the Processes tab, the Toolbox displays previous and running processes, e.g. an NCBI search or a calculation of an alignment. The running processes can be stopped, paused, and resumed by clicking the small icon (Image annotations_popup) next to the process (see figure 2.17).

Running and paused processes are not deleted.

Image runningprocesses
Figure 2.17: A database search and an alignment calculation are running. Clicking the small icon next to the process allow you to stop, pause and resume processes.

Besides the options to stop, pause and resume processes, there are some extra options for a selected number of the tools running from the Toolbox:

The terminated processes can be removed by:

        View | Remove Finished Processes (Image blue_delete_16_h_p)

If you close the program while there are running processes, a dialog will ask if you are sure that you want to close the program. Closing the program will stop the process, and it cannot be restarted when you open the program again.