Organization of the experiment table

The resulting experiment(created using Set up experiment) includes all the expression values and other information from the samples (the values are copied - the original samples are not affected and can thus be deleted with no effect on the experiment). In addition it includes a number of summaries of the values across all, or a subset of, the samples for each feature. Which values are included is described in the sections below.

When you open it, it is shown in the experiment table (see figure 26.40).

Image experiment_table_scratch
Figure 26.40: Opening the experiment.

For a general introduction to table features like sorting and filtering, see Working with tables.

Unlike other tables in Biomedical Genomics Workbench, the experiment table has a hierarchical grouping of the columns. This is done to reflect the structure of the data in the experiment. The Side Panel is divided into a number of groups corresponding to the structure of the table. These are described below. Note that you can customize and save the settings of the Side Panel.

Whenever you perform analyses like normalization, transformation, statistical analysis etc, new columns will be added to the experiment. You can at any time Export (Image previous_folder_16_n_p) all the data in the experiment in csv or Excel format or Copy (Image Copy_16_n_p) the full table or parts of it. For more information on visualizing RNA-Seq read tracks from the experiment, see Visualizing RNA-Seq read tracks for the experiment.