Add information from genomic regions

This will create a copy of the track used as input and add information from overlapping annotations or regions. To run the Add information from genomic regions tool, go to the toolbox:

        Toolbox | Add Information to Variants (Image add_information_closed_16_n_p) | Add Information from genomic regions (Image annotate_overlapping_annotations)

First, select the track you wish to annotate and click Next. You can choose any kind of variant or annotation track as input. Next, select the track holding the overlapping region of interest (e.g. regulatory regions from ENCODE or if you have imported other databases containing regions that you would like to use for overlap comparison).

The result of this tool is a new track showing all the variants that now have been annotated with the information about the regions that overlap with the identified variants. The requirement for being registered as an overlap is that parts of the annotations are overlapping, regardless of the strandedness of the annotations. The added information can be visualized in two ways; 1) In the track tooltips when mousing over the individual variants or 2) in the table view where you can see that new columns describing the added overlap information have been added to the table. The table view can be accessed by clicking on the table icon (Image table) in the lower part of the View Area.