Which part of the view to export

In this dialog you can choose to:

These options are available for all views that can be zoomed in and out. In figure 6.31 is a view of a circular sequence which is zoomed in so that you can only see a part of it.

Image small_view_export
Figure 6.31: A circular sequence as it looks on the screen when zoomed in.

When selecting Export visible area, the exported file will only contain the part of the sequence that is visible in the view. The result from exporting the view from figure 6.31 and choosing Export visible area can be seen in figure 6.32.

Image small_view_visible_export
Figure 6.32: The exported graphics file when selecting Export visible area.

On the other hand, if you select Export whole view, you will get a result that looks like figure 6.33. This means that the graphics file will also include the part of the sequence which is not visible when you have zoomed in.

Image small_view_wholeview_export
Figure 6.33: The exported graphics file when selecting Export whole view. The whole sequence is shown, even though the view is zoomed in on a part of the sequence.

For 3D structures, this first step is omitted and you will always export what is shown in the view (equivalent to selecting Export visible area).

Click Next when you have chosen which part of the view to export.