Saving, removing and applying saved settings

To save and apply the saved settings, click (Image saverestoreprefs) seen in figure 4.10. This opens a menu where the following options are available (figure 4.11):

Image save_remove_apply_settings
Figure 4.11: When you have adjusted the side panel settings and would like to save these, this can be done with the "Save ... Settings" function, where "..." is the element you are working on - e.g. "Track List View", "Sequence View", "Table View", "Alignment View" etc. Saved settings can be deleted again with "Remove ... Settings" and can be applied to other elements with "Apply Saved Settings".

Image applysavedsettings
Figure 4.14: Applying saved settings.

The settings are specific to the type of view. Hence, when you save settings of a circular view, they will not be available if you open the sequence in a linear view.

If you wish to export the settings that you have saved, this can be done in the Preferences dialog under the View tab (see Import and export Side Panel settings).