Running the analysis and organizing the results

The last step in setting up a batch analysis is to choose where to save the outputs (figure 7.7).

Image batchresulthandling
Figure 7.7: Options for saving results when the tool was run in batch.

The options available are:

When the batch run is started, there will be one "master" process representing the overall batch job, and there will then be a separate process for each batch unit. The behavior this is different for Workbenches and Servers:

To stop the whole batch run, stop the "master" process. From the Workbench, this can be done by finding the master process in the Processes tab in the bottom left hand corner. Click on the little triangle on the right hand side of the master process and choose the option Stop.

For some analyses, there is an extra option in the final step to create a log of the batch process. This log will be created in the beginning of the process and continually updated with information about the results. The log will either be saved with the results of the analysis or opened in a view with the results, depending on how you chose to handle the results.