Configuring which fields should be available

To configure which fields that should be available3.2 go to the Workbench:

        right-click the data location | Location | Attribute Manager

This will display the dialog shown in figure 3.26.

Image attributes_manager_empty
Figure 3.26: Adding attributes.

Click the Add Attribute (Image add_plus) button to create a new attribute. This will display the dialog shown in figure 3.27.

Image create_attribute
Figure 3.27: The list of attribute types.

First, select what kind of attribute you wish to create. This affects the type of information that can be entered by the end users, and it also affects the way the data can be searched. The following types are available:

When you click OK, the attribute will appear in the list to the left. Clicking the attribute will allow you to see information on its type in the panel to the right.


... available3.2
If the data location is a server location, you need to be a server administrator to do this