Analyze primer properties

Biomedical Genomics Workbench can calculate and display the properties of predefined primers and probes:

        Toolbox | Primers and Probes (Image primersandprobes)| Analyze Primer Properties (Image analyzeprimerproperties)

If a sequence was selected before choosing the Toolbox action, this sequence is now listed in the Selected Elements window of the dialog. Use the arrows to add or remove a sequence from the selected elements. (Primers are represented as DNA sequences in the Navigation Area).

Clicking Next generates the dialog seen in figure 30.15:

Image primerpropertiesstep2
Figure 30.15: The parameters for analyzing primer properties.

In the Concentrations panel a number of parameters can be specified concerning the reaction mixture and which influence melting temperatures

In the Template panel the sequences of the chosen primer and the template sequence are shown. The template sequence is as default set to the reverse complement of the primer sequence i.e. as perfectly base-pairing. However, it is possible to edit the template to introduce mismatches which may affect the melting temperature. At each side of the template sequence a text field is shown. Here, the dangling ends of the template sequence can be specified. These may have an important affect on the melting temperature [Bommarito et al., 2000]

Click Next if you wish to adjust how to handle the results. If not, click Finish. The result is shown in figure 30.16:

Image primerproperties
Figure 30.16: Properties of a primer from the Example Data.

In the Side Panel you can specify the information to display about the primer. The information parameters of the primer properties table are explained here.