Graphics export parameters

When you have specified the name and location to save the graphics file, you can either click Next or Finish. Clicking Next allows you to set further parameters for the graphics export, whereas clicking Finish will export using the parameters that you have set last time you made a graphics export in that file format (if it is the first time, it will use default parameters).

Parameters for bitmap formats

For bitmap files, clicking Next will display the dialog shown in figure 6.35.

Image graphics_step3_bitmap
Figure 6.35: Parameters for bitmap formats: size of the graphics file.

You can adjust the size (the resolution) of the file to four standard sizes:

The actual size in pixels is displayed in parentheses. An estimate of the memory usage for exporting the file is also shown. If the image is to be used on computer screens only, a low resolution is sufficient. If the image is going to be used on printed material, a higher resolution is necessary to produce a good result.

Parameters for vector formats

For pdf format, clicking Next will display the dialog shown in figure 6.36 (this is only the case if the graphics is using more than one page).

Image graphics_step3_vector
Figure 6.36: Page setup parameters for vector formats.

The settings for the page setup are shown, and clicking the Page Setup button will display a dialog where these settings can ba adjusted. This dialog is described in Page Setup.

The page setup is only available if you have selected to export the whole view - if you have chosen to export the visible area only, the graphics file will be on one page with no headers or footers.