View Annotations in a table

Annotations can also be viewed in a table:

        Select a sequence in the Navigation Area and right-click on the file name | Hold the mouse over "Show" to enable a list of options | Annotation Table (Image annotationeditor_16_n_p)

   or  If the sequence is already open | Click Show Annotation Table (Image annotationeditor_16_n_p) at the lower left part of the view

This will open a view similar to the one in figure 8.14).

Image annotation_table-biomedical
Figure 8.14: A table showing annotations on the sequence.

In the Side Panel you can show or hide individual annotation types in the table. E.g. if you only wish to see "gene" annotations, de-select the other annotation types so that only "gene" is selected.

Each row in the table is an annotation which is represented with the following information:

The Name, Type and Region for each annotation can be edited simply by double-clicking, typing the change directly, and pressing Enter.

This information corresponds to the information in the dialog when you edit and add annotations (see Adding annotations).

You can benefit from this table in several ways: