Working directory

Define the area where temporary files will be stored. The Default temp-dir option uses the directory specified by the setting for your system. The Shared temp-dir option allows you to set one of the directories you have already specified as an Import/export directory as the area to be used for temporary files created.

Choosing the Shared temp-dir option means that temporary files created will be accessible to all execution nodes and the master server, without having to move them between machines.

For an external application to be executable in a grid environment, the Share temp-dir option must be chosen for the working directory.

For external applications that will be run on job nodes, one can choose either the Shared temp-dir or the Default temp-dir option. Here, the default temp-dir would not normally be an area shared between machines, and thus the choice of the Default temp-dir means that files will be moved between the master and job node(s).,

If you configure the Shared temp-dir for an external application, this area must: