Configuring export from the CLC Server for an external application

The first step when running an external application is the export of data from the CLC Server to the system the software is running on. Starting with CLC Genomics Server 10.0, export parameters can be configured.

Click on the button labeled Edit parameters beside the relevant export. In figure 12.2, the "Sequence to copy" parameter will be exported in fasta format. Clicking on the Edit parameters button leads to a window opening, as shown in figure 12.3.

Image extappexportparamconfig
Figure 12.3: The parameters for exporters are configured in a window like the one shown. Here, the Edit parameter button for the "Sequence to copy" parameter has been clicked. All the parameters here have a locked symbol beside them, so none of them will be offered to the end user to view or change.

Parameters can be configured by:

If an exporter is configured in a way that will lead to multiple output files, then the full path to each output file will be substituted in the command at runtime. The external application itself must be able to handle the outputs generated.

Tips for configuring export parameters: