Technical notes about permissions and security

All data stored in CLC Server file system locations are owned by the user that runs the CLC Server process. Changing the ownership of the files using standard system tools is not recommended and will usually lead to serious problems with data indexing and hamper your work on the CLC Server.

One implication of the above ownership setup is that by default, (i.e. without permissions enabled), all users logging into the CLC Server are able to access all data within that file system location, and write data to that file system locations. All files created within such a file system location are then also accessible to all users of the CLC Server.

Group permissions on file system locations is an additional layer within the CLC Server, and is not part of your operating system's permission system. This means that enabling permissions, and setting access restrictions on CLC file system locations only affects users accessing data through CLC tools (e.g.using a Workbench, the CLC Command Line Tools, the CLC Server web interface or the Server API). If users have direct access to the data, using for example general system tools, the permissions set on the data in CLC Server has no effect.