Setting permissions on a folder

This step is done from within a CLC Workbench. Start up a copy of a CLC Workbench click on the menu option:

        File | CLC Server Connection (Image server_16_n_p)

Log into the CLC Server as an administrative user.

You can then set permissions on folders within File Locations that have had permissions enabled, or on Database Locations, if you have a CLC Bioinformatics Database.

        right-click the folder (Image Folder_Closed_Flat_16_h_p) | Permissions (Image permissions_16_n_p)

This will open the dialog shown in figure 5.2.

Image permissions
Figure 5.2: Setting permissions on a folder.

Set the relevant permissions for each of the groups and click OK.

If you wish to apply the permissions recursively, that is to all subfolders, check Apply to all subfolders in the dialog shown in figure 5.2. Note that this operation is usually only relevant if you wish to clean up the permission structure of the subfolders. It should be applied with caution, since it can potentially destroy valuable permission settings in the subfolder structure.