Bug reporting

If there are problems regarding the installation and configuration of the server, please contact [email protected].

When contacting [email protected] regarding problems on the CLC Server, you will often be asked for additional information about the server setup. You can easily send the necessary information by submitting a bug report:

        Log in to the web interface of the server as administrator | report a bug (at the top right corner) | Enter relevant information with as much detail as possible | Submit Bug Report

You can see the bug report dialog in 15.3.

Image bugreport
Figure 15.3: Submitting a bug report.

The bug report includes the following information:

In a job node setup you can include the information from the job nodes by checking the Include comprehensive job node info checkbox in the Advanced part of the dialog.

If the server has access to the internet, you can Submit Bug Report to send the report to QIAGEN Bioinformatics Support. If the server does not have access to the internet, click on Download bug report to create a zip file containing the same information that you can attach to an email you send to [email protected] from a machine connected to the network.

Note that the process of gathering the information for the bug report can take a while, especially for job node setups. If a Workbench user experiences a server-related error, it is also possible to submit a bug report from a Workbench error dialog if they are presented with one. The same archive is included as when submitting a bug report from the server web interface.

No password information is included in the bug report.

All data sent to [email protected] is treated confidentially.