Non-exclusive Algorithms

Below is a list of algorithms which are non-exclusive, meaning that multiple jobs of these types can be run concurrently on a given node, be that a single server, job or grid node.

Algorithms marked as Streaming are I/O intensive and two streaming algorithms will not be run at the same time. When running on grid, Streaming algorithms are treated as exclusive, meaning that they will never run in conjunction with other algorithms (or themselves).

Algorithm Streaming  
Add attB Sites    
Amino Acid Changes X  
Annotate and Merge Counts    
Annotate from Known Variants X  
Annotate with Conservation Scores X  
Annotate with Exon Numbers X  
Annotate with Flanking Sequences X  
Annotate with Nearby Gene Information    
Annotate with Overlap Information X  
Assemble Sequences    
Assemble Sequences to Reference    
ChIP-Seq Analysis    
ChIP-Seq Analysis (legacy)    
Compare Sample Variant Tracks X  
Convert DNA To RNA X  
Convert from Tracks X  
Convert RNA to DNA X  
Convert to Tracks X  
Count-based statistical analysis    
Whole Genome Coverage Analysis    
Create Alignment    
Create BLAST Database    
QC for Read Mapping    
Create Entry Clone (BP)    
Create Expression Clone (LR)    
Create GC Content Graph Track    
Create Histogram    
Create Mapping Graph Tracks    
QC for Targeted Sequencing    
Create Track List    
Create Tree    
Demultiplex Reads    
Download 3D Protein Structure Database X  
Empirical Analysis of DGE    
Extract and Count    
Extract Annotations    
Extract Consensus Sequence    
Extract Reads    
Extract Sequences X  
Fasta High-Throughput Sequencing Import X  
Remove Variants Present in Control Reads X  
Filter against Known Variants X  
Filter Annotations on Name X  
Filter Based on Overlap X  
Remove Marginal Variants X  
Remove Reference Variants X  
Find Binding Sites and Create Fragments    
Find Open Reading Frames    
Identify enriched Variants in Case vs Control Samples X  
GO Enrichment Analysis    
Identify Graph Threshold Areas    
Illumina High-Throughput Sequencing Import X  
Import SAM/BAM Mapping Files X  
Import Tracks from File    
InDels and Structural Variants    
Ion Torrent High-Throughput Sequencing Import X  
Link Variants to 3D Protein Structure X  
Merge Annotation Tracks X  
Merge Overlapping Pairs    
Merge Read Mappings X  
Motif Search    
Gaussian Statistical Analysis    
Predict Splice Site Effect    
Probabilistic Variant Detection    
Quality-based Variant Detection    
Reverse Complement Sequence    
Reverse Sequence    
Roche 454 High-Throughput Sequencing Import X  
Sanger High-Throughput Sequencing Import X  
Secondary Peak Calling    
Translate to Protein    
Trim Sequences    
TRIO analysis