Rebuilding the index

The server maintains an index of all the elements in the data locations. The index is used when searching for data. For all locations you can choose to Rebuild Index. This should be done only when a new location is added or if you experience problems while searching (e.g. something is missing from the search results). This operation can take a long time depending on how much data is stored in this location.

If you move the server from one computer to another, you need to move the index as well. Alternatively, you can re-build the index on the new server (this is the default option when you add a location). If the rebuild index operation takes too long and you would prefer to move the old index, simply copy the folder called searchindex from the old server installation folder to the new server.

The status of the index server can be seen in the User Statistics pane found in the Status and Management tab page showing information on where the index server resides and the number of locations currently being serviced.