Upgrading between major versions

There are a few extra steps to take beyond those outlined in Upgrading an existing installation when upgrading to a new major version line.

Important note when upgrading on macOS to CLC Genomics Server 11.0 or higher from earlier major release lines A flag in the CLCGenomicsServer.vmoptions file must be removed when upgrading in place from CLC Genomics Server 10.x or earlier to CLC Genomics Server 11.x or later on macOS. Please delete "-d64" from the CLCGenomicsServer.vmoptions file, which can be found in the CLC Genomics Server installation area and then restart the CLC Genomics Server service. The -d64 option is not supported by recent versions of java. Its inclusion in the vmoptions file on macOS systems will stop the CLC Genomics Server 11.0, and any later versions, from starting up.