Managing groups through the Workbench

This information only applies if built-in authentication is being used. If LDAP or AD is being used, the menus described here will be disabled. Access rights are granted to groups, not users, so a user has to be a member of one or more groups to get access to the data location. Here you can see how to add and remove groups, and next you will see how to add users to a group.

Adding and removing groups is done in the Groups tab (see figure 4.7).

Image managegroups
Figure 4.7: Managing groups.

To create a new group, click the Add (Image add_plus) button and enter the name of the group. To delete a group, select the group in the list and click the Delete (Image delete_minus) button.

When a new group is created, it is empty. To assign users to a group, click the Membership tab. In the Selected group box, you can choose among all the groups that have been created. When you select a group, you will see its members in the list below (see figure 4.8). To the left you see a list of all users.

Image membership
Figure 4.8: Listing members of a group.

To add or remove users from a group, click the Add (Image add) or Remove (Image remove) buttons. To create new users, see Managing users.

The same user can be a member of several groups.