Installing Velvet

To get started, you need to do the following:

If you wish to execute this job on grid nodes, then a shared temp-dir must be specified in the Working directory section of the Execution area of the configuration. See Working directory for details.

If you see a small red exclamation point beside the external application name, then something is wrong and needs to be attended to. The specific area where there is a problem should also be identified by a red exclamation mark.

This is seen, for example, when the versions of a High-throughput sequencing import or Post-processing step specified in the configuration file is different to the version on the CLC Server. This can occur when the configuration was set up on an older version of the CLC Server than the one running. This situation is shown in figure 12.9. It is easily resolved by expanding the High-throughput sequencing import / Post-processing section, selecting the relevant tool and then saving the configuration.

Image external_app_update_algo_version
Figure 12.9: Problems with the configuration are indicated by red exclamation marks, as can be seen here by the external application name and by the area with the problem, the High-throughput sequencing import/ Post-processing section. Expanding this section, the problem can be resolved by selecting the relevant tool.