Controlling access to the server, server tasks and external data

The configurations discussed in this section refer to settings under the Global Permissions section of the Admin tab in the CLC Server web administrative interface (figure 5.5).

Image globalpermissions
Figure 5.5: Global permissions.

Permissions can be set to restrict access to just the members of specified groups for the following areas:

You can specify which groups should have access to each of the above by opening the relevant section and then clicking the Edit Permissions button for each relevant element listed. A dialog appears like that in figure 5.6. If you choose Only authorized users from selected groups, you will be offered a list of groups that you can select (or de-select) to grant or restrict access to that functionality.

Image globalpermissionsdialog
Figure 5.6: Setting permissions for an alorithm.

The default configuration is that all users have access to everything.