User statistics

The User statistics section contains information about the number of users logged in, the number of active sessions (number of logins), and information about each active session. An example is shown in figure 7.2.

Image web_user_statistics
Figure 7.2: Information about the number of users and active sessions (logins) is provided in the User statistics area. Here, two users are logged in. rjones has two active sessions and root has one.

A green dot by a user's name indicates that they are logged into the server. Two green dots indicate that this user is logged in twice. For example, perhaps they have Workbenches running on two different systems and are logged in via both Workbenches. A grey dot means they have previously logged in but are not at this time.

Click on the small button with a plus to the left of a username to expand the information about that user's sessions (figure 7.3). You can also log users off the server by clicking on the Invalidate Session... button. This opens a confirmation dialog where a message to the user can be written. This message is displayed via the user's active session. For example, if they are logged into a Workbench, a window will pop up saying they have been logged out of the server and also containing the message written in this field. This action forcibly logs the user out of the CLC Server. This action does not stop jobs already submitted or running on the server. Optionally, you can send a message to the user whose session is being terminated (see figure 7.4). If the user is logged into the CLC Server from a CLC Workbench, then the message entered will appear in a warning box that pops up via the CLC Workbench.

Image userstatistics
Figure 7.3: Details about jbloggs' session can be seen by clicking on the small button to the left of that username.

Image sessionterminate
Figure 7.4: Clicking on the Invalidate Session button will forcibly log a user out of the CLC Server. The admin can optionally provide a message to the user when doing this.