Parameter value configuration

A description of the value types that can be configured is given below. A tool tip providing a description of each type is also available by hovering the mouse cursor over it.

Some types allow a default value to be entered. This is indicated by the presence of an empty field beside it. Default values are displayed via the Workbench wizard and in the CLC Server Command Line Tools help. A default value specified this way will be used if the user does not change it, or in the case of the CLC Server Command Line Tools, when the user does not specify the parameter the value is associated with.

Another level of configuration is available for exporters, high throughput sequencing importers and post-processing tools, where the administrator can set default values and also choose if these should be visible and editable by end users. This is described in Configuring export from the CLC Server for an external application and High throughput sequencing importers and post processing tools respectively.

Value types