Recycle bin

When users delete data in the Navigation Area of the Workbench, it is placed in the recycle bin. When the data is situated in a CLC Server data location, the data will be placed in a recycle bin for that data location. Each user has an individual recycle bin containing the data deleted by that particular user that cannot be accessed by other users, except server administrators. This means that any permissions applied to the data prior to deletion are no longer in effect, and it is not possible to grant other users permission to see it while it is in the recycle bin. In summary, the recycle bin is a special concept that is not included in the permission control system.

An exception: Deletion of data held in a CLC Server file system location named CLC_References is different than for other file system locations. Please refer to the section on Reference data management for details.

Server administrators can access the recycle bins of other users through the Workbench:

        right-click the data location (Image server_location) | Location | Show All Recycle Bins

This will list all the recycle bins at the bottom of the location as shown in figure 5.3.

Image allrecyclebins
Figure 5.3: Showing all recycle bins.

The recycle bin without a name contains all the data that was deleted in previous versions of the CLC Server before the concept of a per-user recycle bin was introduced. This recycle bin can only be accessed by server administrators by selecting Show All Recycle Bins.

The administrator is also able to empty the recycle bin of a user:

        right-click the recycle bin (Image recycle_bin) | Empty

All recycle bins can be emptied in one go:

        right-click the data location (Image location) | Location | Empty All Recycle Bins

Please note that these operations cannot be undone.

CLC Server can be set to automatically empty recycle bins when the data has been there for more than 100 days. This behavior can be controlled for each data location: Under the Main configuration heading, click the Automatic recycle bin clean-up header and click the Configure button. This will allow you to disable the automatic clean-up completely or specify when it should be performed as shown in figure 5.4.

Image automaticcleanup
Figure 5.4: Automatic clean-up of the recycle bin.

Data deleted before the per-user recycle bin concept was introduced will be ignored by the automatic clean-up (this is the data located in the general recycle bin that is not labeled with a user name.