Using a CLC Workbench to launch external applications

After installing the External Applications Client Plugin on a CLC Workbench12.2, external applications can be executed from the Workbench menu system by going to:

        Toolbox | External Applications (Image server_location_closed_16_n_p)

External applications are listed as individual tools in the Workbench Toolbox, as shown in figure 12.18. Depending on how they were configured, they can also be located within subfolders of the External Applications folder.

Image toolbox_external_app
Figure 12.18: Selecting the external application to run.

When an external application is launched, the dialog shown in figure 12.19 is displayed. Depending on your server setup, there may be one or two types of execution environment: The CLC Server environment, and grid presets. The CLC Server environment is always present, while grid presets are only shown if they have been configured as described in Model II: Master server submitting to grid nodes.

Image external_app_select_execution_environment
Figure 12.19: Selecting execution environment.

Clicking on the Next button starts the progress through wizard steps where values can be entered for any parameters that need to be configured, illustrated in figure 12.20.

Image external_app_configure_parameters
Figure 12.20: Providing values for configurable parameters of an external application. Here, a sequence list has been selected for the in parameter.


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Information about installing plugins on a CLC Workbench can be found in the CLC Workbench manuals, available from