Source code for this library can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/pbspro-drmaa/.

Please refer to the documentation that comes with the distribution for full instructions. Of particular note is the inclusion of the "-with-pbs=" parameter, used to specify the path to the PBS installation root. The configure script expects to be able to find lib/libpbs.a and include/pbs_ifl.h in the given root area, along with other files.

Please note that SSL is needed. The configure script expects that linking with "ssl" will work, thus libssl.so must be present in one of the system's library paths. On Red Hat and SUSE you will have to install openssl-devel packages to get that symlink (or create it yourself). The install procedure will install libdrmaa.so to the provided prefix (configure argument), which is the file the CLC Server needs to know about.

The PBS DRMAA library can be configured to work in various modes as described in the README file of the pbs-drmaa source code. We have experienced the best performance, when the CLC Server has access to the PBS log files and pbs-drmaa is configured with wait_thread 1.