Request an evaluation license

We offer a fully functional version of the CLC Microbial Genomics Module free of charge for a 14 day period for evaluation purposes. The 14 day period commences when the evaluation license is downloaded. If you have questions about CLC Microbial Genomics Module features or product licensing options, please send an email to

When you choose the option Request an evaluation license, the dialog shown in figure 23.2 opens.

Image request_evaluation_step2
Figure 23.2: Choosing between direct download or going to the license download web page.

In this dialog, there are two options:

After selecting your method of choice, click on the button labeled Next.

Direct download

After choosing the Direct Download option and clicking on the button labeled Next, a dialog similar to that shown in figure 23.3 will appear if the license is successfully downloaded and installed.

Image request_evaluation_step3a
Figure 23.3: A license has been successfully downloaded and installed for use.

When the license has been downloaded and installed, the Next button will be enabled.

If there is a problem, a dialog will appear indicating this.

Go to license download web page

After choosing the Go to CLC License Download web page option and clicking on the button labeled Next, the license download form will be opened in a web browser, as shown in figure 23.4.

Image request_evaluation_step3web
Figure 23.4: The license download form opened in a web browser.

Click on the Download License button and then save the license file.

Back in the Workbench window, you will now see the dialog shown in 23.5.

Image request_evaluation_step3b
Figure 23.5: Importing the license file downloaded from the web page.

Click on the Choose License File button, find the saved license file and select it. Then click on the Next button.