Merge Abundance Tables

Merge Abundance Tables merges abundance table from different samples. The abundance tables must be of the same type.

For the following types of abundance tables, the tool will merge based on ID or, if no ID is found, on Name:

Metadata from input tables is transferred to the merged table.

For ASV abundance tables, merging is based on the ASV sequences. To avoid conflicts, taxonomy annotations will be cleared. Use Assign Taxonomies to Sequences in Abundance Table to add taxonomies to the merged table, see Assign Taxonomies to Sequences in Abundance Table.

To run the Merge Abundance Tables tool:

        Toolbox | Microbial Genomics Module (Image mgm_folder_closed_flat_16_h_p) | Metagenomics (Image wma_folder_open_flat_16_n_p) | Abundance Analysis (Image abundance_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Merge Abundance Tables (Image merge_abundance_tables_16_n_p)

Select the tables to merge. These must be of the same type (see above).

In the 'Result handling' wizard step, select Create Report to generate a report with summary information on input and output abundance tables.