Navigating the Tree view

It is possible to zoom in and out by pressing CTRL (or Image command_key_web on Mac) and using the scroll-wheel on the mouse.

Nodes can be selected by clicking on them (which toggles them on and off), or by dragging the mouse to create a lasso selection (figure 12.8).

Image lmlst_lasso
Figure 12.8: Minimum Spanning Tree lasso selection.

It is possible to clear the current selection by pressing on an empty region of the canvas.

When nodes are selected, they will stay in a fixed position. This can be helpful when manually adjusting the layout, for instance, to prepare the tree for publication (figure 12.9).

Image lmlst_nice_tree
Figure 12.9: Minimum Spanning Tree with manual layout modifications.

The following actions are available from the buttons at the bottom of the view: