Download Protein Database

The Download Protein Database allows you to download the following protein databases:

These protein databases can be used to create DIAMOND Indexes (see section Create DIAMOND Index), that may be used together with the Annotate CDS with Best DIAMOND Hit tool (see section Annotate CDS with Best DIAMOND Hit) and Annotate with DIAMOND tool (see section Annotate with DIAMOND).

Notice, that the SwissPROT and UniProt (UniRef50) protein reference databases have been annotated with GO associations from the EBI Gene Ontology Annotation (GOA) Database (

To run the tool, go to:

        Toolbox | Microbial Genomics Module (Image mgm_folder_closed_flat_16_h_p) | Databases (Image databases_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Functional Analysis (Image functional_analysis_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Download Protein Database (Image download_protein_db3_16_n_p)

Choose the database you wish to download from the drop-down menu, and when needed, accept the terms of use before clicking Finish to save the database in the Navigation Area.