The Reference Data Manager

The `References' data manager launch button is located in the top right corner of the workbench (figure 1.8).

Image references
Figure 1.8: The References data manager launch button in the top right corner of the Workbench.

Single Cell data in Reference Manager

The single cell data sets for Human and Mouse are called Single Cell hg38 (Ensembl) and Single Cell Mouse (Ensembl), respectively, and can be found among the QIAGEN sets, see figure 1.9.

Image references_single_cell
Figure 1.9: The Single Cell reference data set located in the QIAGEN Sets tab.

The reference data sets contain:

The reference data should be downloaded to the navigation area prior to analysis or can be downloaded directly when running workflows, read about running CLC Single Cell Analysis Module tools and workflows in Running tools and workflows.