Combine Cell Clonotypes

The Combine Cell Clonotypes tool can be found in the Toolbox here:

        Immune Repertoire (Image sc_immune_rept_folder_open_16_n_p) | Combine Cell Clonotypes (Image combine_cell_clonotypes_16_n_p)

The tool takes as input multiple TCR Cell Clonotypes (Image cell_tcr_clonotypes_16_n_p) or BCR Cell Clonotypes (Image cell_bcr_clonotypes_16_n_p) elements and outputs a single Cell Clonotypes element. This can be useful to reduce the number of elements needed to describe a set of cells.

Note that TCR Cell Clonotypes and BCR Cell Clonotypes cannot be mixed and only one type should be used at a time.

The tool is very flexible and it supports:

Cells are considered to be the same if they have the same sample and barcode.

If different clonotypes are identified for the same cell, they will all be collected in the output. Note that this tool can lead to barcodes having an arbitrary number of clonotypes for the same chain. This number can be reduced with the Filter Cell Clonotypes tool, see Filter Cell Clonotypes.