Browse QIAGEN Cell Ontology

CLC Single Cell Analysis Module has a built-in QIAGEN Cell Ontology of cell types curated by QIAGEN, associated with

The QIAGEN Cell Ontology can be browsed by using the Browse QIAGEN Cell Ontology tool found in the Toolbox here:

        Gene Expression (Image sc_gene_expression_folder_open_16_n_p) | Cell Type Classification (Image sc_cell_annotation_folder_open_16_n_p) | Browse QIAGEN Cell Ontology (Image qiagen_cell_ontology_16_n_p)

The tool launches a wizard from where the content of the ontology can be browsed (see figure 6.1). The desired cell types can be quickly identified by using the search functionality. The displayed cell types can be restricted by using several text fields to only show cell types and their subtypes containing the text in the following properties:

Image cell_ontology
Figure 6.1: View of heart cells in the QIAGEN Cell Ontology.

The pre-trained classifiers available as reference data (see The Reference Data Manager) contain only cell types from QIAGEN Cell Ontology.