Data management

QIAseq ready-to-use workflows need to be configured with the relevant reference data. The workbench provides a Reference Data Manager that allows you to download easily the relevant application-specific Reference Data Set(s). You can access the relevant QIAGEN Set through the workflow wizard. You can also download a QIAGEN Set before running a workflow. To do so:

        Toolbar | References (Image references_icons) | QIAGEN Sets

This will open the wizard shown in figure 2.1.

Image downloadref
Figure 2.1: The Reference Data Manager interface with a few examples of relevant Reference Data Sets for various applications.

On the top right corner, you can select where you want you references to be saved. If you are connected to a CLC Server via your Workbench, we recommend to choose On Server from the drop-down menu.

Select the Reference Data Set relevant to the application you want to use:

Note that in the targeted regions files provided in the Reference Data Sets, target regions cover 5 bp on each side of the exon.

Click on the button labeled Download. It is possible to Cancel, Pause or Resume the download of a Reference Data Set (figure 2.2).

Image downloadrefbuttons
Figure 2.2: Actions available while downloading a Reference Data Set.

Once the download is complete, the Data Set icon changes from a Download to a Check mark.