Configuration of the Upload to QCI Interpret tool

The workbench can be configured to allow seamless upload of analysis results to QCI Interpret. Configuration of the Upload to QCI Interpret tool depends on having an active QCI Interpret subscription (not a trial license), and a QCI Interpret account with API license privileges.

If an API user account has not been set up for you, please contact [email protected]. In your email, ask to have an API enabled QCI Interpret account set up for the Biomedical Genomics Analysis plugin integration. The license team can then send you your API Key ID and API Key Secret.

To retrieve yourself your user's API Key ID and an API Key Secret number, log in to QCI Interpret using the following links:

You can then access the API Explorer (as seen in figure 8.1 and figure 8.2):

Image apiexplorer
Figure 1: Accessing the QCI Interpret API Explorer.

Image apisecret
Figure 2: Finding the API Key Id and API Key Secret in the API Explorer.

Once you have the necessary information, you can start using the Upload to QCI Interpret tool.