General information about outputs from cloud analyses

All results generated on the cloud are stored on the cloud. To view results in a CLC Workbench, the data must be downloaded to a local CLC location. This is easily done via a CLC Workbench via the Remote Files tab, described in Working with AWS S3 using the Remote Files tab, and via the Processes tab, described in Accessing results from the Processes tab.

AWS charges for downloading data. In CLC Workbenches, when the download size exceeds 1 GB, you are prompted for confirmation that you wish to proceed. The size required to trigger this warning can be changed in the General section of the Workbench Preferences (figure 6.4). When downloading via the CLC Server web interface, a window pops up listing the selected files and providing the total download size. After selecting whether to download to a CLC location or to a CLC Server import/export area, you are prompted to selected a specific location to download to. For details, see

Image download-warning-preferences-wb
Figure 6.5: Download cost warning dialogs are shown whenever the size of a download from AWS S3 exceeds the value configured in the Workbench Preferences. By default, the value is set to 1000 MB.

For downloading large amounts of data, we recommend using dedicated software for interacting with AWS S3. CLC data downloaded using external software can be imported into the CLC Workbench using Standard Import, described at

Download all contained tracks when downloading track lists to view

Track lists are small elements that refer to tracks. When downloading track lists to view, the track list and all the tracks contained must be downloaded at the same time.

If this is not done, one or more of the tracks in the track list will not be resolved. The relevant links between track lists and the tracks referred to cannot be made if these elements are downloaded separately.