Using a CLC Workbench to monitor and review cloud jobs

Information about the status of queued, running and completed jobs submitted from a CLC Workbench to the cloud, either directly, or via a CLC Server, appears in the Processes tab in the lower left side of the Workbench. When the CLC Workbench is closed and then re-opened, AWS Batch is queried, and processes for jobs are listed and updated with their progress. Any cloud job that has not previously been actively cleared from the process list will be shown.

When jobs have completed, results can be found, or downloaded and opened, using options in the menu found under the small icon to the right of the process. The standard log for an analysis (e.g. "Prepare Raw Data log" in the figures below) and the Execution Log are available from this menu (figure 7.1).

Image cgc-results-list-processes
Figure 7.1: Results and log files for a given analysis run on the cloud can be accessed from the Processes tab in the Workbench.

To clear processes from the list in the Processes tab, right-click on an empty area and select the option Remove Finished Processes.

After processes have been cleared, the same list of results, and access to the Execution Log is available by double clicking on a workflow-result.json file under the Remote Files tab (figure 7.2).

Image cgc-results-list-remote-files
Figure 7.2: Double-clicking on a workflow-result.json file in the Remote Files tab in the Workbench provides access to results and log files for a given analysis run on the cloud.