Configuring an AWS Connection in the Workbench

To configure an AWS connection, go to:

        Connections | AWS Connections (Image cloud_access_16_n_p)

Click on the Add AWS Connection button to configure an AWS connection.

Already configured AWS connections and their status, and public buckets are listed (figure 3.1). Editing or removal of these configurations is done from here.

Image aws_connection_dialog
Figure 3.1: The configuration dialog for AWS connections. Here, two valid AWS connections, their status, and a public S3 bucket are listed.

To add a public bucket, click on the Add Public S3 button and provide the public bucket name (figure 3.2).

Image aws_connection_configure_public_bucket
Figure 3.2: Provide a public AWS S3 bucket name to enable access to data in that public bucket.

To configure a new AWS Connection, enter the following information (figure 3.3):

The dialog continuously validates the settings entered. When they are valid, the Status box will contain the text "Valid" and a green icon will be shown. Click on OK to save the settings.

Image aws_connection_configure
Figure 3.3: Configuration of an AWS Connection in a CLC Workbench

AWS credentials entered are stored, obfuscated, in Workbench user configuration files.

AWS connection status is indicated using colors. Green indicates the connection is valid and ready for use. Connections to a CLC Genomics Cloud are indicated in the CGC column (figure 3.1). To submit analyses to the CLC Genomics Cloud, the CLC Cloud Module must be installed and a license for that module must be available.