General information about input data for cloud analyses

Cloud-based analyses use input data in AWS S3. Data not already in S3 is transferred from the local system to the cloud at the start of an analysis job. Thus, it is often most efficient to use data already in AWS S3 for these analyses.

CLC files can be uploaded to AWS S3 directly via the CLC Workbench, as described in Working with AWS S3 using the Remote Files tab.

Raw data, for example, FASTQ files, can be uploaded to AWS S3 using third party tools, or via the web interface of a CLC Server, as described at

QIAGEN reference data is already available on AWS S3, so no transfer of this data is needed. This is discussed further in Reference data for analyses on the cloud.

The few situations where using locally held data is the only option are described in Using locally held data for analyses on AWS S3.