Making custom plugins available for cloud analyses

Tools8.1 delivered by custom CLC plugins are supported for cloud analyses when:

When the above requirements have been met, analyses using tools delivered by a custom plugin can be run on the cloud. The corresponding plugin in the custom repository is used for the cloud-based execution.

Custom plugin repository structure

The custom plugin repository must have the structure and contents defined below. The term <workbench_plugin_id> refers to the value of that field in the file.

For example, a server plugin with the <workbench_plugin_id value example_plugin and version 23.0, the following structure in the plugin repository would be expected:


When a job is launched to run on the cloud, the exact version of the plugin in the CLC Workbench or CLC Server must be available in the repository. If it is not, the job will fail.


Only tools that can be used within workflows can be submitted to run on a CLC Genomics Cloud. Tools that are not workflow-enabled cannot be run on the cloud.