Deleting or redeploying CLC Genomics Cloud infrastructure on AWS

Deleting an AWS Batch queue

To delete a particular AWS Batch queue, go to

        AWS Batch | Job queues

Select the queue you wish to delete and click on the Disable button.

This action may take a while. Once complete, select the queue again, and click on the Delete button.

Deleting CLC Genomics Cloud infrastructure

if you have run only the cgc-standard.json CloudFormation template to create your CGC Environment (and have not run other CloudFormation templates), then deleting the existing CGC infrastructure is usually a three step process:

  1. Empty the contents of the cgc-system bucket Go to the S3 area of the AWS Console, select the cgc-system bucket and click on the Empty button. Non-empty system buckets cannot be deleted as part of the stack deletion.
  2. Delete the stack Go to the CloudFormation area of the AWS Console, select the main stack, and click on the Delete button.
  3. Delete old job definitions If any job was run using the older CGC resources, delete the old job definitions. Go to AWS Batch | Job definitions , select the job definition files with names that start with cwe and click on Deregister.

If stacks for additional job queues have been created, delete these stacks before carrying out the steps above. These additional stacks are linked as dependencies to the Infrastructure stack, which is a nested part of the CGC Environment.

Redeploying CLC Genomics Cloud Infrastructure

To redeploy CGC infrastructure on AWS:

  1. Delete the existing CGC resources Please refer to the paragraph above.
  2. Deploy new CGC resources Follow the instructions provided earlier in this chapter.

New user credentials will need to entered for AWS Connections in CLC Workbenches and CLC Servers. Cloud presets on CLC Servers will also need to be configured.