Setting up Metadata Tables

Metadata may be imported into the Workbench by first setting up an empty Metadata Table with the intended column structure.

        File | New | Metadata Table (Image motiflist)

This will open a new Metadata Table with no columns and no rows. Columns are added by clicking the Setup Table button at the bottom of the view. A dialog is displayed as shown in figure 3.9.

Image metadata_edit_columns
Figure 3.9: Dialog used to add columns to an empty Metadata Table.

You can now add the columns you want by clicking the (Image insert_column_after_16_n_p) button, or you can use an external metadata file as structure for your new table, by clicking the button Setup Structure from File. Editing metadata columns details how you edit the new columns to suit your purpose, and section Importing Metadata Columns describes how to import the columns. Once a suitable column structure is in place, you can add rows either manually (Editing metadata rows) or by importing them from an external file (Importing metadata rows).