Editing the metadata structure

Once columns exist, the Setup table dialog will contain editable information about them, see figure 3.10.

Image metadata_edit_columns_populated
Figure 3.10: Dialog used to edit columns of a Metadata Table.

You may modify the following information for each column:

You navigate between columns by using the (Image blue_arrow_left_16_n_p) Prev and (Image blue_arrow_right_16_n_p) Next buttons, or by using left/right arrow keys with Alt held down. Additionally, the Enter key navigates to the next column.

Modifications made to a particular column take effect as you navigate to another column, or if you close the dialog using Done. Columns may be deleted using the (Image delete_column_16_n_p) button, and new columns may be added using the (Image insert_column_before_16_n_p) or (Image insert_column_after_16_n_p) buttons which insert new columns before or after the current column, respectively. Deletions and additions take effect immediately, updating the tabular view underneath the edit dialog.

The (Image undo_16_n_p) and (Image redo_16_n_p) buttons can be used to undo and redo changes, respectively.