Editing metadata rows

Metadata rows may be edited by clicking the Manage Data button at the bottom of the Metadata Table view. Starting from a table with no rows, a dialog appears as shown in figure 3.12.

Image metadata_edit_rows
Figure 3.12: Dialog used to add rows to an empty Metadata Table.

You add a new row by clicking the (Image insert_row_after_16_n_p) button, or add them in bulk by clicking the Import Rows from File button (see section Importing Metadata Rows). After adding a new row, you can enter values for each of the columns of your Metadata Table. Once rows exist, the dialog appears as shown in figure 3.13.

Image metadata_edit_rows_populated
Figure 3.13: Dialog used to edit rows of a Metadata Table.

You navigate between rows by using the (Image blue_arrow_up_16_n_p) Prev and (Image blue_arrow_down_16_n_p) Next buttons, or by using the keyboard arrow keys or Page Up/Page Down/Home/End keys while holding down the Alt key. (The use of the Alt key is necessary only in circumstances where the key being pressed would otherwise have a different effect, say within a text field, or within the scroll bar that will appear in the dialog if you have many columns). The Enter key navigates to the next row. Row navigation is reflected in the tabular view underneath the edit dialog.

Modifications made to a particular row take effect as you navigate to another row, or if you close the dialog using Done. Rows may be deleted using the (Image delete_row_16_n_p) button, and new rows may be added using the (Image insert_row_after_16_n_p) button. Deletions and additions are immediately visible in the tabular view.

The (Image undo_16_n_p) and (Image redo_16_n_p) buttons can be used to undo and redo changes, respectively.