Installation of modules

Note: In order to install plugins and modules, the workbench must be run in administrator mode. On Linux and Mac, it means you must be logged in as an administrator. On Windows, you can do this by right-clicking the program shortcut and choosing "Run as Administrator".

Modules are installed and uninstalled using the plugin manager.

Help in the Menu Bar | Plugins... (Image install_16_n_p) or Plugins (Image install_16_n_p) in the Toolbar

From within the Plugins manager (see figure 2.2), choose the Download Plugins tab and click on CLC Microbial Genomics Module. Then click on the button labeled Download and Install.

Accepting the license agreement

The end user license agreement (EULA) must be read and accepted as part of the installation process. figure 2.1.

Image eula
Figure 2.1: The End User Licenense Agreement is presented during the installation process.

Please read the EULA text carefully, and if you agree to it, check the box next to the text I accept these terms. If further information is requested from you, please fill this in before clicking on the Finish button.

If you are working on a system not connected to the internet, then you can also install the plugin by downloading the *.cpa file from the plugins page of our website

Then click on the button at the bottom of the Plugins manager labeled Install from File.

You need to restart the Workbench before the module is ready for use.

Image plug-indialogfirst
Figure 2.2: The plugins that are available for download are listed in the Download Plugins tab of the Plugin Manager.