Options for clc_assembler_long

CLC Assembler Long (beta)
Usage information:
  -q / --reads:             Read file(s) to assemble, eg. read.fastq.
  -r / --polishingreads     Read file(s) to use for polishing.
  -o / --output             Resulting contigs, eg. contigs.fasta.
  -m / --min-length         Minimum length of output contigs (default 1000).
  -w / --wordsize           Word size for the de Bruijn graph.
  -c / --min-coverage       Minimum word coverage (default 4).
  -a / -anchor-length       Minimum length of anchor fragments (default 200).
  --savegraph               Save graph to a file.
  --loadgraph               Load graph from a file.
  -f / --savefragments      Save fragments to a file.
  -v / --verbose            Output various information while running.
  --cpus                    Restrict the number of threads to be used.