Downloading and installing the software

  1. Download the distribution from:

  2. Unzip the zip-file and ensure that the resulting folder is placed in the desired final location on your computer.

There are two main types of license for the CLC Assembly Cell software: static and network. Static licenses are tied to the hardware to which they are downloaded. Network licenses are served using a separate piece of software, the CLC Network License Manager2.1, and allow CLC Assembly Cell programs to run on any machine that can contact that software to obtain a license2.2.

For obtaining an evaluation license, please follow the instructions in the static license section.


... Manager2.1
Earlier versions of this software were named CLC License Server.
... license2.2
For running the software on a computer cluster, the most common license type would be a network license, which would then allow you to submit jobs to any node of your computer cluster.