Interpreting the results of the Create Track from Experiment tool

The Create Track from Experiment tool will produce a track or several tracks, if filtering based on analysis results was chosen. The track(s) will contain the following annotations:

Two different view options exist: the Track List and the Table View. When opening the annotated output result, the default view is the Track List. It is possible to open both views in split view by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the table icon in the lower left corner of the View Area. The two different views are linked together. This means that when you click once on an entry in the table, the Track List will jump the the selected region. With the Zoom to Selection (Image zoom_selection) button it is possible to jump to and zoom in on the selected region (figure 28.71).

The results of any statistical test executed on the experiment, including fold-changes and p-values, can be seen in the tooltip when hovering over each region in the annotation track shown in the Track List (figure 28.72).

Image create_track_from_experiment_divided_view_1_genomics
Figure 28.71: Viewing the track produced by the Create Track from Experiment Tool

Image create_track_from_experiment_divided_view_2_genomics
Figure 28.72: The annotations on the track produced by the Create Track from Experiment Tool